Thursday, March 30, 2017

(Shepherd's Church CSULB) El Camino UBF-- Double Standards

Mark Johnson mentioned in his mass email to the El Camino UBF chapter that one of John Baik's children goes to another ministry outside of UBF. I believe that there must be concrete evidence for this. And it turns out there is.
One of children specifically his youngest daughter, Cornelia "Cori" G. Baik is indeed involved in another ministry outside of UBF.
Here are pictures of Cornelia "Cori" G. Baik:
This is her Facebook:
This is her Google plus account:
This is her Linkedin profile:
Cori G. Baik is involved in another ministry outside of UBF. It is called Kumran Youth-Ministry. Here is the ministry's Facebook:
Here are photos that clearly demonstrate that Cori G. Baik is indeed a member of the Kumran Youth-Ministry:
Sidenotes: When you check out her Linkedin Profile she is also involved with an additional ministry call Korean Campus Crusade of Christ (KCCC) which is also known/renamed as the SOON Movement.
Cori graduated from CSULB where John Baik had unfortunately established his territory under a front called Shepherd's Club.

This is very contradictory of John Baik to allow his children to go to other ministries. If any current member were to go to another church they would have automatically be reprimanded/punished for doing so in addition to receiving labels like "possessed". If being a member of an UBF chapter (like El Camino UBF) was a matter of salvation vs condemnation then why aren't the traditions (Leeism/UBFism), rules, and regulations of UBF applied to the chapter director's children like the rest of the current members? Baik has come up with arguments for thus that never hold up in the end.
Another sidenote: Two of Baik's children (Cori being one of them) never go to Friday testimony nights. They go to worship service sometimes.

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